Receive The Truth!

“If you point these things out to the brothers and sisters, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus…” (I Timothy 4:6 NIV)

What were the things Paul was referencing to Timothy?

In order to understand this scripture within the context of it being stated, one would have to read from the 1st verse to the end. But, for the purposes of responding to the question, I’ll state this much: Paul was reminding Timothy of a time to come when seducing, deceiving, ungodly spirits would influence mankind and he wanted Timothy to be on the alert and told him what to watch for.

Are we at that time in our society where we can see “deceiving spirits and doctrines taught by demons”?

Any doctrine–allegedly used to support Christian faith–that does not align with The Word is a doctrine of demons. Who are the demons? Look around you. Pay attention to what is being taught; especially those things that are contrary to The Word. We need not get upset with people, but we certainly need to pray for deliverance for those who are being influenced by the demons.

In Romans 1:26-32–other admonitions and warnings to Christians as to the changing times and demonic influence being used, we see that the time Paul referenced is indeed now. What are we who know the truth going to do about it? I don’t know about you, but I’m calling on the name of Jesus to reveal truth, expose every demon, remove the blinders from all who have been deceived, and return their hearts to receive truth. He can and will do all that people allow Him to do. He will not force people to receive truth, but He will use all who are willing to promote and teach truth of The Word–not political correctness (the doctrine of demons) and it those who promote the truth that Paul is saying is a good minister of Christ Jesus. Where do you stand?