O Lord our God!

“O Lord our God, other lords have ruled over us, but Your Name alone, do we honor!” (Isaiah 26:13 paraphrased)

God is known by many names, but has had only one primary role in the lives of Believers–The creator of all things and without Him, nothing was created.

A lord–is a ruler over others, mandates what others may or may not do in order to keep peace and harmony in the midst of people. English Lords ruled over land and the people worked the land; usually for the benefit of all, but of course there were some greedy lords who only thought of themselves.

When settlers first came to what is now known as America, some of those same traditional thoughts presided in the minds of those who wanted to live like the very people from whom they had left in England–the lords who wanted to rule everyone else.

Think about this–we understand the lordship of people over other people, so why don’t we understand the Lordship of God over us who believe? Everything we have, we have because of Him; everything we are able to do (constructively and productively), we are able to do because of Him. But do we honor Him as Lord?

Today, let’s make a decision to honor The Lord, who is Lord over all and live like we love Him! Hallelujah!


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