Why Proclaim His Name?

As a devout believer in Jesus Christ and all that entails, I’ve often been ridiculed because of my relationship with Him (who many have mistaken as me being “religious).  I am not religious; I am in a committed relationship with my Father, and  I am a joint-heir  with Jesus Christ.  There is a distinct difference.  But I digress.

Question asked of me:  What happens when you get to the end of your life and you find out there is no God?

My Response:  I’d rather live my life according to God’s Word and get to the end and find out He doesn’t exist, than to live my life as if He doesn’t exist, and then get to the end and find out, He does!  My time would not be wasted!

How many people would argue this position?  The same number of people who would attempt to refute His existence–nothing changes.

But here is the bright side–He is the same (His intent and purposes remain), yesterday, today and forever.  Glory to God!

(Watch those refuters who attempt to use the Bible “selectively” to argue their position.  If they don’t believe, why use a tool meant for Believers?)

Believing in God is a choice!  I respect the choice of those who do not believe and they should also respect the choice of those who do believe!  It really is just that simple.  At the end of time, we shall all know the truth and even now–it is the truth that sets us free!  Love to love you!




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