Communication He Hears!


In the midst of our pain and joy, we praise You.

When we see chaos and confusion all around us, we praise You.

When all seems to be lost, we praise You for Your goodness and mercy.

When we fall short of all that You would have us to be, we praise You for forgiveness.

When sickness and disease attack our bodies, we praise You for the healing virtue that flows into the very core of our beings because You sacrificed Your Son and by His stripes, we are healed.

When the enemy attacks our minds and tries to make us think that we are not loved, not wanted, not worthy, we praise You because we know and understand Your Word that says we are loved, we are never alone and it is because of us–that Jesus was willing to die just for us–that we might have eternal life.  It is because of Your Word that tells us no weapon formed against shall prosper that we can move forward each and every day.  It is because of Your word that we know Your desire is for us to prosper as our soul prospers.

It is because of Your Word that we know we are not defeated because we are more than conquerors and we praise You.

When there is nowhere to run and hide from all of the ugliness in the world, we praise You because we know You are a strong tower and we can hide in the shadow of the Most High.

And because we know that You know our thoughts from afar off, we praise You because we have no need to articulate every little need we have because You know and hear the prayers of the righteous.

And for hearing and answering our prayers, we praise You, the only wise God, creator of all things that were ever created and without You, nothing was created.

For Your Word states that whatever we ask of You in the name of Jesus, we shall have it and we declare it done–all of our needs are met.

In Jesus’ name we pray and thank You, Amen!