Overcoming Denial!

When we think about how words are used, what do we learn?

Words have power–which is why we should be careful how we use them.  Just for a moment, I would ask you to think about “de” and how the enemy uses words to keep us in his power.

The DEvil attempts to keep us DEfeated by convincing us that all the negative things we go through are all we are going to have in our lives.  The devil convincingly DEceives us into believing lies and connives to keep us DEpressed and oppressed by his DEceptions so some of us get to a place where we DEny our beliefs and our feelings about just about anything.

It is with this power of DEnial that he keeps us from being DELIVERED from everything that would keep us out of position from being blessed by God.  The unbelievers “deny” God’s existence and therefore they can deny any need to obey His Word.  The enemy will influence our denial into believing our challenges don’t exist and we do nothing to overcome them.  They do exist! They do exist and we must own them and then overcome!  Our DEliverance comes when we acknowledge the challenges and then allow God to guide us–so we can overcome and rejoice.

This day, don’t let the devil defeat you with depression or denial with his deceptions.  Own who you are, what you are and overcome whatever challenges come before you with a testimony about how good God is!  Our hope is in Christ Jesus and we can and should shout that from the roof tops!


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