“f” free language

Can we talk?  For real?  Without using language that offends the sensibilities of most civilized human beings?

I am so sick and tired of reading “sample” books with so much profanity that I would certainly never purchase the book.  Every other line is laced with an “f” or “mf” or such base language describing bodily functions that I’m embarrassed for the author.  I mean really, why do some have to write such garbage? Is this the only language most people can relate to?  If it is, I’m certainly on the wrong planet.

Now, here’s the kicker!  Most of the books I’m referencing are obviously not written by true believers in The Word.  If they were, they would be too intimidated to write what they write.  But it is these same people who would criticize most Christians for their belief and faith in God!  Who knew?  Wow!  What a revelation!  Most people (not all) who have a relationship with God respect the relationship with Him and other people; those who don’t, don’t.

But this can all change.  Can we please elevate the thinking, speaking, and writing for all to enjoy?  Is that so hard to do?  It is up to those of us who write–fiction, non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, etc. to raise the standards of using appropriate language.  If we change what we do; society will change what it does.  Try it and see!


When The Lord Stands With Us!

“But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion’s mouth” (2 Timothy 4:17 NIV).

When The Lord stands with us, He gives us strength to do what must be done.  In this passage of scripture, Paul tells Timothy that while the Gospel was being preached, Paul knew the Lord was with Him and that knowledge gave him the strength and courage he needed to preach to the unbelieving.  If God stood with Paul, will He not stand with us, when we do as are told to do?

I am convinced that even though there are many people who would shun listening to the Gospel message, and there is evidence on a daily basis that many will attempt to refute, if I stand firm in the knowledge that the Lord is with me, I can preach the Gospel and convince others to believe without worrying about the end result.

Some people are afraid to preach the Gospel message (without compromising it) for fear that they will lose friends or people will laugh at them.  People laughed at Jesus; they refuted His attempts to get them to understand that He was the Son of God.  I’d rather be in the company of Jesus than those who would oppose Him.

Perhaps, it is because of my nature that I have never really been concerned about what people thought of me.  I know this attitude helped me to overcome the negativity of being a female preacher in many circles.  I know this attitude helped me to overcome the indifference of many who thought I was crazy to go back to school and begin teaching in public schools at 50 years old.  I know this attitude helped me to overcome the “hems and haws” when I first started writing (seriously) at a late stage in my life.  How did I overcome?  I know the Lord was with me and I was strengthened by the knowledge that He would never leave me or forsake me.  I knew that as long as I was doing what He had either asked me to do or given me permission to do that everything was going to be all right. It is because I knew then and know now, when The Lord stands with me, I can do all things above and beyond my finite expectations and if I can, so can anyone else who believes He will.

Do all things that glorify Him with Him standing by your side and you will be victorious!