After reading and responding to a number of comments regarding the Zimmerman case and the incident in Wisconsin, I am heartsick to see that so many Americans are so full of hate.  It does not matter what the ethnicity is–I see hatred pouring out from all sides and it is indeed sad to see.

There are some promoting the nonsense that only Black Americans commit crimes, some saying that no black person between the age of 7-70 should be trusted, some saying that height determines adulthood so if a black male is over 5’5″ he could should be considered a man, not a child regardless of age.  Is this truly the plight of America? Have we become such a blinded nation that we hate without reason or cause and attempt to justify our hate? 

What is even sadder about some of these comments is that those making them profess to be Christians!  I cannot imagine how God must feel with people attempting to vilify His Son, Jesus Christ by even claiming to be a follower of One who promotes love.  And that is exactly what we do when we claim to be Christian and yet our actions or what we say have nothing to do with love.  Hatred is a tool that Satan uses to his advantage and all those who hate–must own up to him being their leader (their god). 

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us all to see people the way You see us–humanity created in Your image, willing to love the unlovable, and willing to be a peacemaker, not a peace-breaker. Help us to turn to You in times of need and wisdom to determine how You would want us treat one another and in drawing conclusions about matters in which none were witnesses.  Help us O God to stem the tide of hatred before all of mankind is destroyed in order to appease the ego of the enemy.  We trust and adore You and wait for Your guidance in all matters.  Create in us a pure heart that knows how to love and forgive, but accept truth for Truth’s sake.   I declare it done in all faith, without doubting, Amen!