Time to Let Go!

There are times in everyone’s life that things happen–some we caused, some we did not control, some we could not control–that will cause us hurt.  That’s life–stuff happens.  What happens after the “stuff happens” depends upon our response to the events.  We can hold on to hurts and allow the hurt to direct our lives and decisions or we can let it go and allow God to heal the hurt and trust Him to direct us along a path to happiness.  It is our choice.  For those who are hurting and cannot go back in time to change anything, it is time to let go.  Forgive self, parents, friends, enemies, predators, teachers, siblings, children, spouses, former spouses, bosses, former bosses, anyone or anything that has caused you to hurt–it’s time to forgive, let it go and let God do all that He has promised to do in your life.

Father, in the name of Jesus,

You promised that whatever we asked for in Your Son’s name, it would be given to us.  I am praying for everyone who is holding on to hurt–give them the courage to let it go and be healed.  No matter what the hurt is, no matter who or what caused the hurt, give them insight–let them see how the hurt can turn their lives down paths that You had no desire for them to travel.  O God, help them to forgive self and others for decisions that led to the hurt, but cannot be changed.  Help them to move forward and to not dwell in a pit of pity.  Move upon their hearts that You may soften their hardened hearts.  Help them O God to let go of the past and leave it there.  And when they let go of the hurt, keep them focused on Your love and all the many benefits that come with receiving Your love in their lives.  I thank You for hearing and answering prayer in the hearts of all who are willing to receive that bountiful blessing of peace today, right now!  I declare it is done, according to Your Word, Amen!


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