Excerpt 8 “Battlerama-Super Tweens To The Rescue”

On the outskirts of a small rural area in China a young girl was crying.  She had just been sold by her parents to work in rice fields far from home.  The parents did not want to sell their daughter, but they needed the money to make sure they could survive.  Jiao was a good daughter.  Her parents knew she would work hard to make her family proud of her.  What Jiao’s parents didn’t know was the person to whom they had just sold their daughter never intended for her to go into the rice fields.  Li Wei had a reputation for being charming, but it was a front.  He was actually a very greedy man and only hoped to find young, beautiful girls to do his bidding.  Noissa was furious!  She immediately wanted to banish this ugly man into the sea, but Ytirge stopped her. He reminded Noissa they had a job to do and that Li Wei would be dealt with later. 

Li Wei motioned for the girl to follow him and even though she was weeping, she followed him out of her parent’s home.  When he opened the door for her, she saw another female sitting in the backseat who did not look pleased to see her.

“你为什么买这个娃娃吗?”她问。”她将成为我很好,”李巍回应。”帮助她了解她的新角色,并让她准备好的任务,”他继续这种丑陋的冷笑娇害怕成为和开始颤抖,哭。”别哭哭啼啼想再听,你卑微的女孩。你的生活会更好现在,是否你这样做你说的是,”女性轻蔑说。(“Why did you buy the doll?” She asked. “She’s going to be fine,” Li Wei responded. “Help her understand her new role and make her ready for the task,” he continues that ugly sneer Jiao scared and began to shake, cry. “Don’t want to hear you cry, you humble girl. Your life will be better now, if you do this,” the female said contemptuously.)

The Wisteria had found their seventh trainee.  They went back to Mount Everest to prepare for the training that would take place for the next forty days.  They could not allow the trainees to know what was being done so they had to wait until they were asleep.



Having a Glad Heart!

“Therefore my heart is glad, my tongue rejoices and my body also will rest in hope” (Acts 2:26 NIV).

In this message in Acts 2, Peter preaches, re-telling how David felt about the presence of God in his life, we retain the same hope that David had, and the same promise that Peter gave to the three thousand that were added to the group of believers that day; the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence always, is available for all who believe, repent, and are baptized.  Whether we receive the gift from God is up to us because we do have the option to refuse or reject.

What was the last gift you rejected from someone?  Anyone?  Many of us accept gifts when we don’t like them, cannot use them, or simply do not want them.  If we have a relationship with the giver, we accept the gift because we do not want to offend them.  If we have a relationship with God, why would we reject the gift of the Holy Spirit?  This is a gift that gives us power to live right, to hear God, and the courage to move forward when it seems like everything and everyone around is against us.

When we know and understand the power of the gift, the purpose behind the gift and the love of the giver, we too can say, our hearts are glad, our tongues rejoice and our bodies will also rest in the hope of eternal life. Have you been added to the Book of Life?  Is your heart glad? If your heart is glad, praising God is as natural as breathing and sharing His goodness a joy!

Father, we thank You for providing us with Your Word for in it, we are always reminded of what You will do for us and who You are to us.  Thank You for adding us to the fold of believers, for giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit, and now help us to allow the Holy Spirit full reign in our lives to bring You glory!  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!