Excerpt 9 “Battlerama–Super Tweens To The Rescue!”

“How are we to defeat the evil one when we live in different places?”

Noissa answered them.  “You have more ability than you know.  Tell me one thing that you think will benefit you the most?”

Maria did not hesitate to answer.  “Whatever we need, even if it is each other, we can focus our thoughts on what or who is needed and it will be done.”

Noissa smiled.  “You are right Maria. You have learned wisdom from all the ancients and even some of the contemporary philosophers of wisdom. You have learned integrity and it will serve you well.  Most of all, you have demonstrated a natural compassion and care for others.  When you need one or the other or all, all you need to do is “think on things above and not below”. Focus your thoughts and your thoughts will become reality.  You have learned much and will continue to learn as you train others.  You are never alone.  Someone is always a thought away.  Remember that and remember that your gifts will work collectively to thwart anything that the followers of Loftus can throw your way.  Proceed with wisdom—think everything through—and move forward with courage and conviction, never doubting and certainly, never fearful of anything or anyone.  The moment you fear—Loftus will feed on your feed and you may experience such hatred that you will forget who you are and what you are capable of doing.  Don’t forget—never be fearful!”

Modsi then told them that they would have an opportunity to get to know each other better with the use of their gifts tomorrow when they finalized their training. Still in awe of everything before, they talked almost at the same time and reluctantly knew they had to return to their normal lives.  But not for long.  Nothing after their training ended would ever be normal again.




“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them (the spirit of the anti-Christ), because the One who is in you (Holy Spirit) is greater than the one who is in the world” (I John 4:4 NIV paraphrased)

John, the one person who was closer to Jesus than any other and always provides us with an intimate perspective of the character of Jesus, encourages us.  John is the one to whom Jesus reveals the promise of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.  John is also the one who provides us with insight with “His names“–The Light, Truth, Way, Great Shepherd.  It is through John that we know how much God loves us–not only do we have a mansion waiting for us (in eternity), but Jesus loved us enough to pray for us when He was facing imminent death on the cross.  O what a love for us!

And now, John reminds us that if we have been born again (not of water, but of the Spirit) and have been filled with The Holy Spirit, we are children of God and are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ.  Because we have the greater Spirit in us, we know we have the power to defeat the spirit of evil in the world.  Hallelujah!  Greater Spirit in us–reign forever more!

How do we know when we are operating with the gift of the Holy Spirit guiding us?  We know when we can demonstrate God’s love towards others in the face of adversity.  We know when we can remind ourselves of what God has said, what He has already done and we have confidence in what He will do. We know that we can do “greater works than He did” because we are filled with His Spirit and we are many.  We know when we can align our thoughts with His word and respond to crises and not react to them.  We know when we look around us and can appreciate everything that God has provided for us to enjoy that He truly loves us.  “Nobody greater than You!

Father, I pray for all who have not received Your precious gift of the Holy Spirit.  Touch their hearts and speak so they will receive and be able to live according to Your Word, doing only what You would do, and loving everyone–even the unlovable–to bring them into knowledge of who You are and how You want us to live. I thank You in advance for all who receive this day, bless them abundantly, beyond anything they could ever imagine.  In Jesus’ name I pray and thank You, Amen!