Can We Talk?

When I think about all that is going on in our society (the violence, disrespect, fall of educations, parental apathy, general apathy, dispassionate natures of people, etc.) and how things are just not the way they used to be, my heart gets a little heavy. So, can we talk–honestly?

I know that there is no progress (forward movement) without change, but I am wise enough to know that all change does not lead to progress.  When I think about how the term “progressive” is used today in the political arena, I sometimes cringe.  I’ve always considered myself to be a Democrat because of the stance that had been taken to right wrongs and the fight for justice for all people.  But I tend to see myself on the side of some Republicans (not all–especially not those affiliated with the Tea Party and their lack of compassion for people who are not rich) regarding “some” of their Christian views (not the extremists). I cannot say that I am a true “progressive” because I can not support all the issues they promote.

I guess that is truly the problem–there are far too many issues that affect far too many people for me to see myself strictly on one side or another of the political chaos. Now, that I’m writing this, I can see that is the problem–the political chaos.  I know that God is not the author of confusion, so that only leaves one spirit that is.

I would encourage everyone reading today, to search deep within their hearts and to seek the mind of God to help us to determine which direction we should take.  I am concerned that the current trends to “change what God has said to pacify people” is going to have major implications in our society and not just on a political platform.  If we take a close look at the history of man, we will discover that whenever man has openly, rebelliously opposed God, that society or culture ceases to exist. Is this where we’re headed?

In light of all that I see and am bombarded with on a daily basis, I stand on my former premise that I would rather be Godly righteous, than politically correct.  After all, the politicians and the political arena only have confusion to offer and that is not of God.

May God continue to bless us with wisdom and knowledge and direction to avoid the pitfalls of trends and political correctness.