And The Question is…Why?

When you have done everything you can to support a person,

Why do they betray your trust?

When you done everything you can to be considerate of other people,

Why do they not return the consideration?

Why is it that people can hold onto past hurts—hating what was done, and yet inflict upon others the same things they claim hurt them?

Why is it that we can condemn others for their lack of integrity and yet have no integrity ourselves?

Why do people feel the need to impress others?

Why is it that people are not is satisfied with who they are?

Why can’t people acknowledge their insecurities and shortcomings and seek help?

Why do people feel the need to draw attention to themselves, without thinking about the consequences?

Why are people so quick to make rash decisions without thinking beyond the moment?

Why is it so difficult to admit when one is wrong and seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing?

We probably have more questions than answers, but there are solutions to every problem in His Word.

Help us today O Lord, to seek You even more to understand what You want us to say and to do.