Ready For The Fallout!

“But God chose the foolish to shame the wise; and He chose the weak to shame the strong;” 1 Corinthians 1:27 NIV).

Looking at the shape of our government at this moment–where those who thought they were wise and mighty have been made to look shameful to the world–we have much to pray about concerning the “elected officials” who so callously, and maliciously, ignore the needs of the people.

But God never does anything without a reason.  Everything is designed to conform to His plans, no matter how things may look–His plans will be fulfilled.  And if those plans include the elimination of people in elected positions, so be it. Perhaps, it is God who has allowed their hearts to be hardened because of their lust for power and money from special interest groups.  Perhaps, it is because they blatantly flaunt a lie–professing to be followers of Christ when in fact, they are not. Only God knows what He intends to happen, but we must all be ready for the fallout, whatever that may be.


Lord, we are yet trusting You to sustain and maintain the integrity and honor of the poor and needy to Your glory and that anything and anyone who rises up against You will meet their appointed end.  In Jesus’ name, I confess knowing nothing, but You! Amen!