Godless, Sinner or Saved?

In spite of the many different ideologies about religion and who is right, when I read the Bible I see what God has indicated in The Word.

As a people—we fall into one of three categories.  We are either Godless –having no relationship with God; Sinner—thinking we have a relationship with God, but still practicing sin; or saved—having surrendered our lives in total submission to the will of God in relationship with Him.

These are the conclusions I have drawn from all that is said in the Bible.

  • God created man to be in relationship with Him and we failed— and some were Godless for a season
  • Man trying to live without God is pointless and hazardous for our health.
  • God came to earth in the person of Jesus to restore/reconcile our relationship with God—saving us from ourselves.
  • Religious people—practice a form of religion, but have not come to the truth about how God wants us to live and treat others.
  • If we are saved, we should not practice sin and if we think practicing sin is okay with God; then we are religious, but have no right relationship with Him because we do not understand Him, will not listen to Him, and are not open to His correction.
  • People in right relationship with God, do not practice sin, but know they have an advocate if they fall short; are quick to repent and repair the breach in the relationship, and live according to God’s Word, not man’s word.
  • People in right relationship with God receive correction and know how to love all.
  • People in religions know how to recite The Word, but do not live according to it.

My conclusions are not based on any assumptions or personal opinions, but on The Word that arises in me, when I am tempted to sin.  James tells us that when we are tempted, we are drawn away from God by our own desires—the things we want to do because they feel good, but we should not do. God does not tempt us.  He has no need to do so since He knows exactly what we will do and when we will do it. He knows which of us are Godless, Sinner or Saved and we cannot hide who we are from Him.

I do not profess perfection, but I profess to love God so much that I only want to please Him. And when I am about to do something that would not please Him, I hear the Holy Spirit, gently remind me that there are things I cannot do because of who I am and to whom I belong. My love for Him settles it.


2 thoughts on “Godless, Sinner or Saved?

  1. ??????
    Why did Jesus come to this earth? To SAVE His people from…….their …..SINS! Matt1:21
    Jesus is called the SAVIOR of the WORLD, ……why?…..BECAUSE He DID SAVE His people FROM their SINS!!!!
    If a person still has sin in his heart and conscience even after believing in Jesus as his Savior, the fault lies with the person NOT with God/Jesus!!! Such a person has incorrect knowledge and thus incorrect faith, in who Jesus Christ is……SAVIOR of the WORLD, having indeed SAVED us FROM our SINS!!!! 1-1=0
    Please order these FREE books to know the TRUTH of God’s salvation for mankind.


    • Sarah, while I respect your beliefs, I question your understanding. No one is arguing the purpose of Jesus in the earth, but I have to reiterate that the sacrifice made did not eliminate sin. His sacrifice made it possible for us to be redeemed (bought back). Man makes choices and all the choices are “not” always right. When we make wrong choices, we don’t give up our position with God, because we can confess our wrong-doing and He will forgive us.

      If sin had been “eliminated” with the sacrifice; there would be no need to repent. From what would we repent, if not sin? I have written several books as well on Christian living and understanding the Bible. I’d love to continue this discussion in another forum. Words make all the difference in the world when conveying messages. One misunderstood word can cause calamity or chaos and in some instances, have started feuds. Some translations of the Bible tend to not clearly demonstrate God’s intent. This why I promote relationship with God. When I want to understand what He has said (not me), I go to Him and patiently allow Him to teach me and align everything He says. We cannot take scripture out of context to make it mean one thing in one place and something else in another. “Line upon line, precept upon precept”. If our understanding does not line up with “all” the Word, then we must seek Him for understanding.

      The only people who can commit sin (by nature of its definition) are those who know God. If after the sacrifice, sin had been eliminated, why would Paul spend time trying to convince people that having “grace” was not an excuse to sin? Why would John tell us that God is faithful to forgive our sins, once we confessed them. We have an advocate with the Father when we fall short, His name is Jesus! He made the sacrifice (the perfect, unblemished Lamb as atonement for us as prescribed by the Law and Jesus lived according to the Law) and with the sacrifice of His life, grace abounds–His unmerited (unearned) favor.

      Father, bless eyes and hearts in giving understanding of Your Word so we might in one accord, promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and relationship with You, not religion. In Jesus’ name I pray and thank You, Amen!


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