That Was Then, This is now!

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10 NIV).

Remember the good old days?  You know–the days when a neighbor helped a neighbor; when children respected all adults; when being pregnant without being married brought shame on a family; when fathers took care of their children; when mothers could stay home and raise their children and take of their houses; when preachers had integrity; when teachers didn’t get intimately involved with their students; when educators could actually teach students and not test them to death and the students learned–to read, think, and write. Does anyone remember the days when all audiences watching television could do so without being bombarded with profanity and other obscenities? Does anyone remember the days when the government regulated what was aired on television and radio and children appeared to be less inclined to become involved with negative behaviors?

Well, the good old days are gone; that was then, and this is now. Now–everything has changed and not for the better. I acknowledge there can be no progress without change, but I also acknowledge that all change does not lead to progression, but in fact, regression.

What is the regression?  Our society is regressing to the days when “men did what was right in their own eyes” and forgot about God.  In fact, we have removed God from just about everything we do in this society–schools, government, churches, homes–everything but the money and if those who are influenced by Satan have their way, that won’t be long in occurring. And Satan misleads people under the guise of keeping “a separation of church and state” which is what he does–deceive the nations.

So, here we are–in the 21st Century–going nowhere fast–except further away from God and how He wants us to live.  We seem to have forgotten that we are saved by grace, not of works and not of our own doing, but God’s. We seem to have forgotten that “He created us to do good works” and those had been planned in advance.  Our government has ignored the plight of the people who elected them. The government has ignored the price society has to pay with “deregulation” and parents have ignored their responsibility in teaching their children appropriate behavior–anywhere they go.  Where is God in all of this? He is pushed to the background and Satan is hoping that’s where He will stay.

It is time–way past time–for all who have a relationship with God to stand up and say so! It is time for true Believers to make a difference in our society and we won’t do it by praying alone (we must pray), but by seeking God’s directions in everything we do and for whom we elect and then do as He directs us to do.  We must put God back in His rightful place in our society–at the forefront, not the background, if anything will change for the better.  If we are truly intended to do good works–it is time we got started.

Stand up Believers! For the condition our society rests upon us–to promote the Gospel and live Godly lives in front of all so they will know who we are–we won’t have to tell them. Stand up for righteousness as God defines it!  Stand up for The One who created all things and without Him, nothing was created.  Stand up! We need to be as bold and determined as those who came before us–determined to do what is right for all people.