Don’t Be Afraid!

“But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened” (1 Peter 3:14 NIV).

We should never be concerned about what others think when we do what is right “in the eyes of God,” seeking to please Him only.

One of the reasons kids join gangs is because they are “afraid” not to join because of threats from gang members if they don’t join.

Many adults capitulate to threats by co-workers or bosses to do things that are “unethical” and sometimes illegal, in order to keep a position.

I have been challenged on more than one occasion to change report card grades and when I refused, was harassed by the principal and the school superintendent.  I never changed the grades, but I did eventually leave the school. Who is right in this situation?  I was right and I never back down when I know I’m right. If a student is not willing to work for the grade they want; they get the grade they earned.

In our society, those who are wrong–about many things–think they have a right to harass those who are right, even to the point of threats.

Christians are harassed when they stand up and proclaim sin is sin and won’t back down.
Some have even been arrested on bogus “intimidation” charges. The enemy’s camp is afraid that true Believers will influence others so they scream loud and long–about so-called violation of their rights.  But what about the rights of Christians to speak truth about the Word of God? No one is interested in protecting their rights.

In fact, politicians are swayed by those who threaten all manner of stupidity–lost financial contributions, lost votes–they are not even concerned about doing the right thing for all people because they are afraid of losing their status.

We are reminded by Peter that we do not have to be afraid.  Rather, we should know we are blessed when we stand for righteousness, doing the right thing at all times, even in the face of threats from the enemy. Being persecuted by those under the influence of the enemy should not be news to anyone.  Jesus said, through John, that we would be persecuted, but we should not concern ourselves with the enemy and his minions; we only need to concern ourselves with doing what is right. Will we do it?

Don’t be afraid to confront the enemy and to make him ashamed.  Do the right thing!


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