Invisibility Matters When Seen!

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (Hebrews 11:2 NIV).

Most Christians can quote the first verse of this chapter verbatim, from multiple translations, but how many move forward to look at the connection to the rest of the chapter?

By faith (we don’t have to see, but believe it), we understand that all things created were created by God and without Him, nothing was created. The faith we have is in God and in our relationship with Him to believe His Word.  “All scriptures written by inspiration of God.” Once we understand this very basic truth, the rest is easy.

Many have challenged my faith in God by claiming that I might as well believe in pink unicorns. One night I actually asked someone (who made this statement), how they knew I had one in my closet. I laughed, but they probably didn’t think it very funny.

My challenge to those who don’t understand believers is to explain why they believe in the wind when they cannot see it (in response to their invisibility disclaimers). Invariably they try to convince me they can “see” the wind and I have to point out that no one can see the wind, we “see the effects of wind”, not wind itself.

I remember reading several articles that exposed educators to ridicule in their attempt to refute any belief in God by saying that it a person can’t see it why would anyone believe it. In two of those articles, the students (one a third-grader and one a college student), advised their classmates that they did not have to believe their teacher/professor had a brain since they “could not see it” based upon the educators’ philosophy.

I won’t belabor my point here.  Not seeing a thing is not a reason to not believe it. We do not see everything we believe, but we know those things exist. That being the case, why do some argue so passionately against a belief in God?

If we have a relationship with God, we can believe God whether we actually see Him or not because “we see the effects of God’s presence” in the atmosphere, throughout the universe, and we know He does exist.

Have faith in God, not in man because he is limited in wisdom and knowledge and lacks understanding of all God has in store for those who truly believe Him. Invisibility does matter!




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