Holiness (excerpt 2)

What is it that every born-again believer should be doing?  We should be living a life that is pleasing to God at all times (good or bad).  What does living a life entail?  Living a life that is pleasing to God entails:  acknowledging God in all that we do; operating with integrity in every area of lives; being mindful and considerate of those who are less fortunate than we are; assembling ourselves together with other like-minded believers on a regular basis; contributing support for those who work diligently to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to preach the word whether it is convenient or not (as Paul instructed Timothy); and to be a witness for the Lord at all times.


No matter what state we find ourselves in, we must acknowledge God in all that we have or don’t have.  He is our provider and when we truly come to an understanding of that fact, we can then give Him praise for all things.  Our jobs are not our providers.  Our church leaders are not our providers.  God is our provider—in the natural and in all spiritual matters.  This does not mean that we should not hear church leadership.  It means that we should listen to make sure that what they say,  lines up with God says and within the context God intended. 

We should remain in constant communication with God through prayer for ourselves and others; for those we know and those we don’t. (I Timothy 2:1-3).

When we wake up each morning, our first thought should be to thank God.  Throughout the day, we should thank God for the good and bad that comes our way.  Our last thought each night should be to thank God.  When our minds are constantly on Him (not in neglecting our responsibilities, but in allowing Him to help us stay focused on all that we must do), we come closer to living a holy life than we would, if we just thought about Him every once in a while.


This is an excerpt from, Holiness, Not a Look, But a Lifestyle! available on amazon. com