Saved (excerpt 2)

Sinner vs Wicked

“The Lord is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous” (Proverbs 15:29).  Some people have used this scripture to support their belief that God does not hear the prayer of the sinner (not the wicked).  If this were true, then no sinner could be saved.  We know that God indeed hears the prayers of sinners (who are seeking repentance) because if he didn’t, where would we be?

The sinner is one who knows the way and chooses to take short cuts along the way; sometimes getting lost, but finding their way back. The wicked have never come into the knowledge of who Jesus is or what He has done for us and will persecute those who do believe.  The wicked are those who do not have a conscience and could care less about how their actions affect anything or anyone else. The wicked are totally self-serving and narcissisticThe only thing that matters to them is them. The wicked are found in high places and in low places.  They are found in church and outside the church.  The wicked see themselves as a god and acknowledges no other authority than themselves. (Psalm 36:1) These are the truly wicked.

Sinners have to know the will of God in order to subvert it. The wicked do not know the will of God, nor do they care to know it.  They are a law unto themselves.  Indeed the Lord is far from the wicked because He has never been acknowledged by them and as such, has no obligation or relationship to honor with them.  The difference then is the sinner can be saved while the wicked has no hope. We have to remember that the Word of God tells us that He has created the wicked to fulfill His purposes.  Once we know the difference between a sinner and the wicked, we must determine who we are and what it is we want or where we want to spend eternity.  It is now time to make a commitment to be in a position to receive God’s best.

This excerpt is from, Saved, But Not Yet Delivered! available on




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