The God Who Guides!

“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end” (Psalm 48:14 NIV).

The Sons of Korah had a revelation about which God truly has power. They knew the history of the Israel who had been caught up with worshipping gods made–with the hands of man–whose only power was in the superstitious belief of the people. But now, they understood that there is a God–one whom man had not created and could not be seen with the natural eye–who had power to change the course of things and did. With the discovery and understanding, they praised Him for His mighty acts on their behalf and submitted to His guidance.

How many gods are people worshipping today? Are they worshipping the gods made by the hands of man–cars, careers, money, status, power–their idols (trophies, certificates, degrees, all which can be seen and touched) and for some–their spouses? What real power do any of these things have? How can they guide a person anywhere? How can anyone really put their trust in these things or people and expect them to last forever?

At one time–as recorded in the history books and in the bible–images were made of men and things (animals in particular) and the things were given power by the imaginations of the people. The best record of their total impotence is the story of “their gods” pitted against God with Elijah and the “fire consumed everything” in the troughs and around them. No magic, just the power of a God who created all things and without whom, nothing was created. The Sons of Korah got it–have we?

We should not expect our God to act like a magician when we need anything, but we certainly need to learn to listen and hear Him when He speaks so He can guide us into the direction in which we will receive all we desire. The true power of God lies within us and in our obedience to God. As He told Joshua, “if we will keep His commandments, then everything we put our hands to would prosper and we would have good success.” Are we obeying? Have we made any effort to accomplish anything?

When we don’t receive the answers we want from God, perhaps we should look at our responses to Him when He speaks to us. Can He count on us to do what He asks us to do? Will we obey Him even when we don’t understand what it is He wants us to do? Have we clearly demonstrated that our trust is in Him and Him alone?

Consider the “things” that you have amassed. What power have you given them? Do you trust them to guide you in all things? Can they provide you with answers to questions that arise in your life? Are you building a kingdom in which you want to reign or are you a Kingdom Builder–leading others to the God who reigns forever?

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to be as wise as those who have gone before us in recognizing that though there may be many gods that people worship; You are the only God who guides–forever. Amen!