He Knows!

Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely” (Psalm 139:4 NIV).

When we say, we have a relationship with God, we have no excuse to do those things or say them that are contrary to His Word.

Psalm 94:11 tells us that He knows our thoughts, and in this verse, He knows what we will say before we say it. Whatever is in our hearts, usually comes up and makes itself known when we speak. If evil is in our heart, this is what others will see. If righteousness is in our hearts, this is what others will see.

Changing how we think and what we think, will change what others think of us and we will be more effective in promoting the Gospel.

If we have a filthy mouth, it is because our thoughts are filthy.

If we only think of lust, we will only speak of lustful things and ideas.

If we think about unconditional love and what that means, we will speak and promote love.

Whatever we think about the most, is what we’ll become and do. We cannot fool God at any time, and we can only fool man for a moment. Our thoughts become our deeds and deeds our ways and before we say anything, God already knows what is in our hearts and what will come out of our mouths.

God knows, we cannot hide from Him. The psalmist goes on to ask a question in verse seven: “Where can we go that God will not be there?” There is no running away, but we can run into His arms and know we are safe from the enemy. However, it is our choice and before we can even say anything to justify our choices, God knows.