Speak Boldly!

“Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech—” (2 Corinthians 3:12 NKJV).

In the beginning of this passage of scripture Paul is making a case for how people felt when they looked upon Moses saw the glory on his face. Now, the glory that Moses had, ceased to exist with his death, but the glory of the Spirit, that lives within us, never passes away, never ceases to exist whether we remain or not. The Spirit of the Lord is in the earth realm, abiding in whoever will receive Him and as such, we have no need to be shy or doubtful when we speak The Word of God!

Speak The Word boldly wherever you go, whenever a need arises, never doubting or being fearful of what others may think. Speak what God has already said, knowing all glory belongs to Him and not us. Speak with clarity, demonstrating both a relationship with God and understanding of what He has said. Speak as the Holy Spirit urges to speak, whether it is convenient or not; whether people want to hear it or not, speak The Word of God boldly!

When the enemy rises up with false doctrine, speak the truth boldly, countering every word the enemy speaks with God’s truth. Speak the Word boldly–in the face of ignorance and wilful disobedience. Speak the Word boldly–to preachers who have backed down from preaching God’s Word and into preaching their own doctrine. Speak the Word boldly to the lost so they might be saved. Speak the Word boldly to those who are trying to understand, but are yet flailing in a sea of doubt. Speak the Word as boldly as the enemy attempts to dilute, pollute, and convolute God’s intent of the Word.

After praying and asking for God to give you boldness, get up and get out and Speak The Word, boldly so that none will doubt your sincerity as a follower of Christ. Don’t back down, don’t turn around, look forward and speak boldly–God’s Truth–knowing that we will be judged for all that we either do or don’t do.