Who We Don’t Know, Can Hurt Us!

There are a number of people who subscribe to the notion that what we don’t know can’t hurt us, but as time passes, we discover that adage is not true at all.

When we did not know the harm that nicotine and tobacco could cause–we smoked, destroying our lungs and even causing respiratory problems to those around us from second-hand smoke.

When we did not know the totality of the damage that alcohol causes–liver damage–leading to hopefully finding a liver donor and subsequent deaths because we did not know how important our liver function was. And we certainly cannot forget the deaths and destruction of families who suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of a drunk driver.

When we did not know or realize that using illegal drugs could cause more damage than a high was worth–we smoked and snorted and shot up–killing brain cells, setting ourselves up for life-time addictions that ruined family relationships–no trust or respect, and physically damaged bodies.

When we did not know the long term effects of living precariously and having sexual indiscriminate sexual encounters with multiple partners–AIDS, Herpes, and other STD’s–which could seriously impact unborn children and certainly be transmitted to those we say we love.

When we did not know the truth about the people we chose to have in our lives–the sexual predators and abusers–the end result was dead children, abused and mutilated women, and often they were ended up dying–because we did not know those we brought into our lives.

When we did not know the consequences of having convenient technology–we became lazy, illiterate, and obese–having more health problems and dying early–because we would rather do things the easy way.

When we do not know God–all of the above is what happens to us–and we have no one to blame but ourselves. When we know God–and are willing to live according to His Word–most of us would never know about anything previously mentioned because our relationship with Him, would have put us in position to hear Him, when He steers us clear of the dangers in which we could have been a participant.

I was once foolish–living any way I wanted to live, but have opened myself to the wisdom of God and now can live with some certainty that I am finally on the right track. I chose to get to know Him and to develop a relationship with Him. I chose to walk this life according to His Word. I respect and value every part of my body and I will not allow anyone to disrespect it. I value my ability to think clear, coherent thoughts and I will not do anything to impair that ability. I choose to take the more difficult route with some things because I value my ability to do them and choose not to lose that ability by becoming dependent on conveniences.

If you don’t know Him, get to know Him today and choose the path He has planned for you–a plan to prosper you and not harm you.

Don’t take my word for what has been said.  Look around you and think about all those you know who did not know Him and even when you did not know Him. Knowing Him is so much better than not knowing Him!


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