Are You Knocking?

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened” (Luke 11:10 NIV).

I love the way Jesus includes “everyone” who does something. All of His promises are, “yes” and “amen” for all those who “do” something else. If a person is not “doing” anything that The Word has advised us to do, they should not expect anything, nor should they attempt to belittle those who “do” take advantage of all God’s promises.

Everyone who asks, receives that for which they have asked. How? We must believe when we ask that He hears us and will respond to our request and receive it by faith in His Word.

The one who seeks shall find what they are seeking as long as the search aligns with God’s Word. If we “seek Him early, we shall find Him, while He may be found” by those who are seeking. God does not hide from those who truly wish to find Him and He makes Himself known to all who are willing to receive what He has for them.

To the one who knocks on doors seeking opportunity to succeed, the door will be opened. I know¬† the adage about “opportunity knocking” and how we must be ready, but we must also be prepared to “knock on some doors” spiritually and physically. Preparation time is never wasted time when we know exactly what we must do in order to achieve what we desire.

If we desire an education, we must knock on the door of exploration and inquiry, seeking all the knowledge we can about that subject we study. If we desire a special career, we must knock on doors seeking the criteria we must meet in order to get it. If we desire a godly mate, we must knock on the door of someone’s heart, and open the door to our own and allow God to lead us in all things.

What we must understand in life is this--if we do absolutely nothing to achieve our dreams and goals, we will get exactly what we put into the effort–absolutely nothing. We must “do” in order to receive from God. Believe that He is and will do all He has said, obey His Word (love is the key), and receive all He has in store for you.Through the words of Joshua we understand that “whatever we put our hands to, when we keep God’s commandments, will be blessed and we will have good success.” We must do–ask, seek, knock, and then do–make every effort to achieve, knowing that God will bless our efforts in all things that honor Him.

Are you knocking on doors, yet?