Lies and Liars Exposed (Part II)

A “natural perspective” can be understood as well for those who “have a right relationship with God” and know His purpose for creating mankind from the beginning. It is obvious—from those proclaiming that same-sex marriage does not offend God that they have no relationship with God. What they may have is a religious spirit that is guided by Satan and they have been blinded to the Truth.

The Truth—Jesus Christ—clearly said (when speaking to the woman supposedly caught in adultery) to go and “sin no more.” He did not say—don’t commit adultery any more. He used the term sin to be inclusive of all sin—not just one or two. When we have a right relationship with God, we can rightly discern understanding from His Word by seeking Him and hearing Him. Admittedly, one needs to be willing to hear what God says and many are not, because they do not want to hear what God says. It would infringe upon their quests to fulfill the lusts of their flesh.

To be perfectly clear—those who say same sex marriage is okay in the eyes of God—do not know God or understand His Word. They have been deceived by the one who is a master of deception. He has deceived mankind for a long time and it looks as if he’s not finished yet. When will he be finished? When mankind is destroyed and ceases to exist.

True Christians—know we are to love unconditionally—and I do love unconditionally. I love so much that I am constantly praying for those who are out of fellowship with God to seek Him, while He may be found. I pray that they will be willing to receive God’s love to the degree that it overflows and shatter the scales of deceit so they may see, truth clearly and learn to live a godly life. I pray that they will understand the difference between having a relationship with God and simply being religious. I pray that the enemy’s hold on them will be broken, so they will know true freedom to love (without lust) all of mankind. I pray they will get an understanding of love—brotherly (rea), and the God kind of love (agape) that keeps us all in relationship with Him, and in the love between a man and woman (erotica) that should result in a God-anointed relationship.

There will come a time when God will hold all of those who have been in positions of authority, leadership and in the spotlight (celebrities) accountable for misusing His Word and causing the masses to be deceived, leading them in error.

Of course—copious examples of Satan’s influence can be found in the writings of many—and many are listed on the Internet:

But after Alfred Kinsey published his famous book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, a few writers began to take a second look at the relationship between David and Jonathan. While still much in the minority, these writers have been able to influence the way that some people read and interpret the text:

David Mace (Hebrew Marriage, 1953)
Wrote that the relationship was an example of “the comparatively harmless homosexual attachments of adolescence”

George Henry (1955)
Wrote that David and Jonathan were homosexual lovers, although he apparently realized that the Biblical evidence of later wives and children speaks against this possibility, so he maintained that their homosexuality was only a passing phase

Of course what one must remember is this: anyone can say anything they want in a book and attempt to make it a truth. Only God’s truth will stand the test of time and all the works of man that were not built on the foundation of God’s Word—will be burned and destroyed.

Even though there are those who believe that the “Bible is just a book,” those who have a relationship with God know that the Bible is not just a book. Relationship with God brings understanding of God and by God—not just the words in a book. I believe God because of my relationship with Him, not because I read a “book” as many will attempt to assert.

My motivation—to see that everyone is in position to receive God’s best for their lives right here on earth. The only way we can receive anything from God is to live according to His Word—not our feelings.  Of course the carnal nature cannot understand the spiritual nature because they are polar opposites. I’d rather have the relationship with God guiding me through all things than allowing my flesh to dictate anything. It is a matter of choice and I choose Him!