What Love Does!

“No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us” (I John 4:12).

Love is perfected in us, when God’s love abides within

Love does covers (eradicates) a multitude of sin

Love seeks to do good to all – children, men and women

Love chooses to do what is right, hoping everyone wins

The battle against the enemy who does not know Love!

When we truly love God and allow His love to live large in us, we cannot seek or hope for the failure of others. We do wish bad things to happen to those who we simply cannot agree. When we love we do disrespect those in authority because God tells us in His Word that we should pray for those in authority.  If we are disrespecting people, we certainly are not praying for them.

I do not agree with a great deal that the President and Congress, governors and mayors, and many others in authority are doing, but I certainly am not promoting hatred because I don’t agree with them. I am so weary of all the hate-filled propaganda directed at the President by so-called Christians who are making a mockery of truly being one. It is obvious to me that those who proclaim to know God have no clue since God is love. The Tea-Party faction has proven without doubt they have no true knowledge of God or they would cease their promotion of hate. I pray that God does a mighty work in their lives so they can see themselves as they truly are. They certainly are not ambassadors for Christ when they hate without reason. But then again–the religious groups hated Jesus without cause, had Him arrested out of envy and persecuted out of hatred, and they unwittingly were fulfilling God’s plan so that no one has ever forgotten the name of Jesus!

Love promotes goodwill towards all, not hatred. Love looks beyond our faults and sees the potential to rise above circumstances and be victorious in all things. Love prays for those who have lost their way. Love never ceases to encourage others to love like God loves–unconditionally.

Father, I pray that all who are promoting hatred will cease and desist. I pray that You will forgive their sin and fill them with love overflowing so when they look in the mirror, they will understand who You are. I pray for those in authority all over the world, that they will seek You and Your wisdom in governing all people. I further pray for every born-again believer–encourage hearts and strengthen them to stand against every evil that arises against You and Yours. Help us to understand that the only superior race in the world is the human race and that is because of Your love. In Jesus’ name, I pray and declare–all is well! Amen!


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