The Lord Helps!

“My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:2 NASB).

Many people look for help for a variety of situations from various venues. Some people–standing on the street corners look for help from those passing by them. Some people seek help from non-profit organizations. Some people seek help from government agencies. Some seek help from family and friends. And then there are those who know-our help comes from The Lord!

To make this clear, God uses people to help people, but ultimately, it is He who determines who will be used to help those in need. I make this distinction simply because there are some people who pray and do nothing else. And when nothing happens, they get mad at God. For instance, it is absolutely pointless to pray for a job and never apply for one. It is absolutely pointless to pray for a mate and never prepare to be one. It is absolutely ludicrous to pray for anything and not do something. Prayer without action, is a waste of time. We must do something before, and after prayer to see the prayers answered.

THIS DOES NOT NEGATE MIRACLES! I know of too many times when people prayed and God touched hearts to respond to the prayer. But He still used “people” to address the issues for which people prayed.

“We don’t have what we need because we don’t always know how to ask for it.” When we pray, we must believe that God will answer in order for us to receive that for which we prayed in accordance to His will. We cannot ask for foolish things and expect to receive anything from God. “Seek and we shall find. Ask and  that for which we ask, shall be given if we have the faith of a mustard seed to receive it”

Ultimately, all of our needs are met through Christ Jesus (by whatever venue or person He decides to use) and He gives us the desires of our heart when we please Him. All of our help-comes from The Lord–who loves us and will not withhold any good thing from us. Praise Him for His Goodness and be grateful for His Love and Mercy! Praise Him for speaking to the hearts of people who are in a position to be the answer we need. Praise Him just because of who He is–our Help in all things!

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to understand that You are not a man–that You change Your mind about anything You have said. You have promised to meet every need and all of Your promises are Yes and Amen. You have said in Your Word that if we seek the Kingdom of God (come to You) all the things we have need of would be ours. Give us wisdom to understand You clearly and determination to obey You in all things.