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Who The Smart Ones Are!

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” (I Corinthians 1:18,19 NIV)

Paul understood how those who “did not understand” the salvation message relied upon their “intellect” to scorn and mock those who received the message of salvation with gladness. While the scoffers laughed and called people who believed the message foolish, and those who preached the gospel, “foolish and unlearned”, those receiving the message and those preaching the message knew who was truly wise.

In the 21st Century, the scoffers are still with us, thinking that they are more intelligent that those preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those receiving the message with joy! Some things just never change. The scoffers are those who openly refute God’s existence and certainly the idea of a virgin birth and mock those of us who receive and believe. They can be found all over the Internet. Wherever a Believer is found glorifying God, a scorner can be found mocking them. If they are so intelligent, why don’t they have something more intellectual to do with their time other than seeking us to mock us? That doesn’t really sound like a smart use of time.

We who promote the gospel understand the importance of sharing the Good News while we have an opportunity to do so because time is winding down for all. For those of us who believe–we are not concerned for ourselves, but for others who have yet had opportunity to hear and receive Truth. For those who mock and scorn us–they have made their decision and their end has already been determined. There is nothing we can for those who persistently defy God.

When we have a relationship with God, we have access to Him directly to receive all the wisdom He has to offer and we have no need to depend on “man’s wisdom” that is contrived for their own purposes. We know who we are and another–who does not know God–we will not believe. For those who perish as  scorners and mockers they will have an eternity that we shall never know. For those who leave this realm to spend eternity with the Most High, we have no need to fear our end, but to look forward to it. Hallelujah!

Every day we are awakened, we are given another opportunity to share the Good News with others. We are the ambassadors for Christ, spreading the salvation message so all will have the same opportunity for eternity in Heaven as we do. Let’s do the “smart” thing. Let’s live our responsibility to The Lord today and with great joy, share His love.