Ravaging Politicism (excerpt 3)


Expecting morality to be a foundational behavioral concept for anyone living in the 21st Century is a waste of time; especially for politicians. Morality—they cannot spell it, have no idea how to live it, and probably could not find the word in a dictionary. That is just how foreign the word is to them.  However, let’s not leave out the rest of citizenry of our great country. If any were asked to define the word, most would not be able to give a credible definition and if asked and they were honest, they would not be able to say—they live a moral life (well, amoral would be accurate).

So why is it that we all get our underwear in bunches and knots raging and ranting about the idiot some of us elected, when their immorality is exposed? Did we not know? Could we not see? The people we elect to positions of authority are the same people that live next door to us, who fight and party and do all sorts of things. Why would anyone in their right mind think they would behave differently, if they were elected to a position?

Well, perhaps part of the problem is that not many people in their right mind are even voting during election these days. I understand. When there is not a great selection from which to choose, why bother! I am seriously considering either not voting or writing in my own name for any election in which I participate in the future. The blinders are off—none of them are worth my time and energy for consideration. Our supposed democracy is such a joke that it is beyond laughable. We might as well just sit back and say whoever can raise the most money, tell the best lies, and manipulate truth the best can have the office—any office—since they are all as corrupt as the next one. What happened to the people who had integrity? What happened to people who respected themselves and cared about others? What happened to “transparency” with regarding to fundraising for elections? That’s a biggie! Only the rich are represented in our current democracy, the rest of us just have to put up with what we get—our voices do not matter in any election. The rich do what the rich do—whatever they want—and then allow us to think our voices matter.

Somewhere along the line, our voices should matter, but when that will happen depends upon everyone reading and sharing this. The people—all the people—need to stand united against economic tyranny and declassification of the middle class and the poor. After all, we are people—real people—with real needs. We need to have government officials who care more about the people who put them into office than their raunchy bedside manners with women who are not their wives. First, we would need to teach those “extras” how to respect themselves and not get used by elected cad. They would have to be told that they would never be more than an extra in the life of a politician, never the main character in the life of easy street. The real problem with this approach is—who is going to teach them when there are not many who understand what a monogamous relationship is or should be?

While we are trying to determine what to do about the extras, the elected idiots are creating legislation that promotes immorality for all who want to participate. Most of the laws legislating morality have been struck down in the name of “stupidity” (I could not say what I really wanted to say here).  Once again, it becomes a matter of being “politically correct” versus morally right. The “Superior Stupine Court Justices (those who think are arrogant enough to think they are superior, but really specially stupid) are co-signing the stupidity and we are left with a morally bereft society in which no one knows what the end is going to be. Well, there is One who knows, but many will not believe Him.


Action Gets It Done!

Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light And your judgment as the noonday.” (Psalm 37:3-6 NASB)

I am who I am–an English teacher. When I look at certain passages of scripture, I always look for the subject-verb agreement. While teaching the parts of speech, I’ve often discovered that verb use is the most difficult one to teach. For some reason, even though people use verbs all the time, many fail to master the use. Verbs are words that describe action or state of being. Some are active and some are passive. In the above-noted scriptures, I see a great deal of action–on our parts and on God’s.

Any time a sentence begins with a verb, the implied subject is “you,” the reader. We see in this passage–trust, do, dwell, cultivate, delight, and commit–things for us to do. Then, after we do what we are asked to do, we see what He will do. If we “trust” Him and do good, live in the land and cultivate (practicing) faithfulness, delight (finding ways to please) in Him; He will give us the desires (those things we want, above our needs). If we commit our ways (allow Him to determine our plans and direction), to the Lord, trusting His way is better, He will get the job done. And when He is finished doing for us–He will allow others to see our good works and know who we serve.

Awesome–just awesome is our God.

However, the reason many do not know how awesome He is is because they have yet to do their part. When people say there is no God, they are certainly not going to do what He has asked them to do. If they won’t do, He won’t do and since they cannot see Him doing for them, or they discover they cannot manipulate God into getting what they want, they choose to ignore His existence. Then, there are some who think that with the acknowledgment of His existence (without living for Him), their lives should be perfect without any struggles at all.

Those of us who know God, intimately, know that with His love and His guidance, there are often storms and struggles, but because of Him, we can make it through victoriously, never defeated in spirit when we rely upon Him. We understand we must do in order to see Him do.

Awesome–just awesome is our God.

He is love and He loves us (in spite of our imperfections) enough to give us chance after chance to get living right for Him. We do and He does–all things well, for our benefit.