Ravaging Politicism (excerpt 4)


Parenting children in the 21st Century is certainly more difficult than in past eras. The reason for the difficulty lies within the idiotic positions of authority being held by the idiots. Legislators have changed laws that prohibit a parent from truly parenting a child without the possibility of being hauled into a court system. Parents are afraid of their kids so they do not discipline them, they do not get involved with their schoolwork, they do not take them to church; they simply feed them (some of them) and put up with their nonsense until they are old enough to push out the door, whether they can fend for themselves or not. We should take a look at the animal kingdom to learn parenting. The animals (and I’ve watched some) take much better care of their offspring than humans—and we are supposed to be the “thinking” ones.

Think about this and then get mad, but get over it. We, as a society, have allowed amoral, idiots to determine how we raise our children and then we reward them by voting for the same types of idiots, again, and again. What does that say about most of us? Are we idiots, too? I am not about to respond to that one, but I will say this—“if the shoe fits…”

Legislators, who cannot control their wanton desires to bed other people, should never have any control over what parents do or how they do it as long as children are not being misused or abused. Most rational people understand there is a difference between discipline and abuse. There are only a few out there who cannot make the distinction and it is that few, along with sociologists who think they know best for everyone, but themselves, that brings us to where we are today.  A few people got carried away by beating a child and there was outrage and laws were changed and our society changed. When parents are not allowed to discipline a child the justice system will or the morticians will. Those are the only options led for children who have not been taught respect or self-control.

The prisons are about to burst at the seams with the number of those who cannot control themselves. The lack of self-control is a direct result of parents not being able to discipline their children. When little Johnny gets old enough and big enough to run Mama’s house, he generally does. Of course, there are exceptions. My household was an exception. I come from a cultural environment that believes in keeping a belt handy. When a kid gets too big for a belt to do the job, then whatever comes in handy will usually do the trick (just joking). No child, living in my house where I pay all the bills will ever live there with me and disrespect me or my rules. I do not care what the courts say or CPS or anyone else. My house, my rules and if they cannot abide by my rules, they do not need to live there and will not. I will not participate in the ravaging politicism I see exerted over people who are afraid of the system. Here I am System—Come get me!




Good Works Begun By A Good God!

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6 NIV).

Paul encouraged those at the church of Philippi by reminding them that God, who had initiated the good works they were doing, would see to it that they were accomplished.

If we look at what Paul was saying then, we can have the same confidence now about God. When He inspires us and motivates us into doing good works, He will make sure we will accomplish all that we start, if we hear Him. The key to seeing all that God has promised is in our willingness to hear Him and obey. God will never lead us down the wrong path because He has already established the path to our success. When we don’t experience success in our lives, it is usually because we have veered off the path.

How do we veer off the path God has established? We either think we know better than God, are deceived by the enemy, or simply refuse to hear what God is saying, clearly. When He tells us to do certain things and we don’t do them because they don’t make sense to us, in essence, we tell God we know better than He does. When we allow the enemy to influence our thoughts and actions, we have been deceived and waste valuable time. And sometimes, we simply do not hear God clearly. We hear one part and do not continue to listen to hear the rest.

But God, who is faithful and just, will continue to steer us in the right direction even when we get confused and turned around from the direction He wants us to take. He never gives up on us and we should never give up on Him.

No matter what the situation looks like, when we know we are doing what God wants, stay on course. Don’t stop! Never give up! Everything that God initiates will succeed, but the enemy loves to deceive us into thinking we are not succeeding. In those moments you feel like giving up–pray and seek God’s direction, confirmation, and comfort. He will consistently confirm His Word to you and He will bring it to pass when we don’t give up.

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to understand that when we hear You speak to us and give us direction, we can place our total trust and faith in You to see it come to pass. We have no need to worry or be fearful of not succeeding. Thank You for hearing and responding to this prayer so we may do all things well to Your glory. Amen!