Telling Of His Deeds!

But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds” (Psalm 73:28 NIV).

Sometimes, when we attempt to talk to people who have either professed not knowing or believing in God, we get frustrated in our attempts to change their view. What I’ve realized is that we are never going to change the mindsets of all people and perhaps, not even some of them, but we must be determined to tell everyone about His deeds.

“You can’t tell it like I can tell it, what He’s done for me.”

A line of a song that makes more sense than many songs combined. No one can tell my story like I can.  Many who have been in my life can witness and confirm the changes in my life, but they cannot tell my story and do it justice.

Before I was ever a thought in the minds of my mother and father, Jesus looked down through the years and saw me, loved me, and prayed for me in the garden of Gethsemane.

He knew that I would be molested as a child and repressed my memory of the incident until I could handle it.

He knew that I would struggle through life, trying to understand why I was different–why I would rather read a book than play outside; why I would rather be nice than nasty; why I could not give in to certain temptations that could have ruined my life forever. He knew before anything ever happened how I would react or respond.

And the moment that I thought it was time for me to give up the struggle and give in to the thought that real love was not part of my life’s plan, He showed up and showed out, convincing me that all I ever needed was Him.

He dried my tears and eliminated my fears of not being worthy.

He raised me from the brink of self-destruction and settled me into a new life, as a new creation in Him.

He called me and taught His Word so I would have no need to be ashamed of what I was supposed to do.

He made it possible for me to live my dreams and have love overflowing for all, no matter what they do.

He allowed me to be “an old spirit” as a child and now as an older woman, He gives me “a child’s spirit” forever young at heart, but wise with life’s experiences.

He knew, He loved, He raised and saved me so I would have a testimony–telling others of His goodness, mercy and love. He is always near and I know I can count on Him to lead me in the direction I must go and give me the words to say to others. His love–can only be understood with experience with Him, so when I pray for those who don’t believe; I pray that God will bring into their life an experience that will let them know that He is real and He loves without discretion, all who come to Him!

Thank You, Lord for loving me enough to stand by me in all of my life’s struggles and to bringing me to a place where I understand Your love, receive it and share it everywhere I go.