No Need To Fear!

“The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.” (Nahum 1:7 ESV)

In this time of uncertainty–weather patterns, rumors of war, unrest in so many nations, and economic turbulence–many people are fearful of what lies ahead. Nahum, considered one of the minor prophets by most theological standards, reminds us that The Lord is good and for all who trust in Him, there is no need to fear anything! Hallelujah!

No matter what the elements conspire to do–rain, snow, earthquake, arctic air–though uncomfortable for a time–we who trust in the Lord, who know He is good and takes care of His own, have no need to be concerned.

No matter how many government leaders fail to do what is most beneficial for all of its citizens, or how greedy they get–none of God’s children have any reason to fear.

No matter how rocky the ride gets with the economy with its constant surges and declines, we who are in relationship with God, rather than religion, have no need to concern ourselves with the outcome.

When we lean not to our own understanding, but trust–emphatically–in the love and knowledge of God and truly belong to Him, we can have peace when all others are in an uproar over current events.  When Wall Street rumbles with gurglings of uncertainty, we can rest assured in the God of our Salvation who will provide everything His children need. When greed and avarice entice and inspire stupidity in the minds of those who have been elected to govern the masses, we can sit back and relax (while praying), and know that in the end, all will be as God has ordained it.

What we have to remember–more than anything else–is that “perfect love (unconditional) casts out fear.” While the world is shaking its collective head and wondering what the end will be, we can know with quiet assurance that all will be well, if we proclaim in our lives and for the nations. “It is well and all will be at rest in their spirits and in the natural.” We have no need to fear–anything–the enemy attempts to use against us!

Father, in the name of Jesus, help us develop perfection in our love walk with others so we can encourage all to love and not fear! Thank You for loving us enough to give us chance after chance to get things right with You and for always being our stronghold in times of turmoil.


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