Life’s Milestones!

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.”(I Chronicles 16:34)

O give thanks unto the Lord for all He has done and is doing and will do in our lives!

Celebrating another milestone today–and in the lives of everyone–that milestone could be different for a variety of reasons.

Celebrations of life milestones: (Birthdays)

1st        5th      7th     10th   12th   13th   16th  21st   25th  30th  40th   50th   60th   70th   80th   90th   100th and beyond


Jobs, graduations, careers, publications, honors, awards, recognitions, births of children, losses of loved ones, etc.

Beginning to live  (beyond birthdays) is another milestone for most Believers–the day we began to understand how much God loves us and what it meant to live for Him! That’s a milestone most never forget.

Thinking back to the life of Jesus–we have no idea how He celebrated milestones in His life, but we do know that receiving Him as Savior in our lives is a milestone for us. We know what happened about the time He was twelve and then when He was thirty. We know He lived and had to do something in between those times, but we do not know what it was. Is it even important to know? He accomplished more during His short tenure of ministry than many of us will ever accomplish if we live to be 100.

That does not mean we should not try to do those things that are right in the sight of God; it simply means that we should be thankful for each milestone–whatever that might be.

It took the death of my youngest brother to bring me to a place where I realized that I did not know how to live because I did not have the direction of the One who loved me the most guiding me in all I did. With his death, Satan almost succeeded in taking me out as well, but God had a plan and it began to unfold almost 30 years ago and is yet unfolding, daily.

So, today, I’m celebrating living–He has given me one more year and I pray that I have made Him proud of me during the past year. And while I celebrate–I’m giving thanks for the next 35 years–and praying for His direction in all that I do so I can hear Him say, “Well done” when the time comes.

What milestones are you celebrating? Whatever they are–O give thanks unto The Lord!