Pray Without Ceasing!

“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

As we continue this journey in life–today as with every day, we ought to always pray, and pray without ceasing–for the land and all the people within it.

Prayer is not just petitions requesting something of God, but of thanksgiving and intercession, and acknowledgment of who He is. Prayer is not one-sided–it is communication with God–we talk to Him and He speaks to us–in the spirit, through His Word, and what He says is confirmed through others as He directs.

To pray without ceasing does not mean to keep asking for the same thing over and over again. Jesus said through Mark and Matthew that when we pray, we believe what we say we have and we shall receive–if we do not doubt. James tells us that if we doubt, we are like the waves of sea–unstable in all our ways.

Believe we receive what we ask for when we pray and then thank God for whatever it is and keep thanking Him until it manifests.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray for all the children, parents, and grandparents who are raising grandchildren. We ask for your direction, instruction, guidance and strength and courage to do all that needs to be done. We thank You for providing us with everything we need–love, mercy, patience, and fortitude to keep going so we may do all things to Your glory. We know that You know all things–our needs, our thoughts, when we’ll fail, and when we’ll rise again, more determined than ever to praise You for Your goodness, love, and mercy towards us. Speak to our hearts at all times and create in us a desire to hear and obey Your every word, even when we do not understand it. You and You alone are worthy of all our praise and we lift our hands and hearts to You; we open our mouths and sing Your praises loud enough for the mountain tops to hear and participate. What an awesome God! Thank You for hearing and responding to our every need as only You can. Amen!


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