Dontcha Just Hate It…!

Don’t you just hate it when…

The person standing in front of you can’t make up their minds about their order?

The person driving behind you stays close enough for the bumpers to kiss?

The person standing behind you feels the need to share all of their life’s woes with you?

The person in the movies just has to talk loud enough for all to hear when people are trying to listen to the movie?

The people driving next to you have to share their taste in music–with everyone for miles around them?

The people who live next door to you refuse to discipline their children and then wonder why all the neighbors hate to see them outside?

The person you’re having a meal with can be heard enjoying their meal and is not ashamed of their loud smacking sounds?

The children you raised with all the love you have act like they were raised by animals?

The person driving in front of you is completing their personal hygiene and slowing down traffic for everyone?

People on their phones feel the need for everyone to know their business, when they really should have kept it to themselves?

You see people texting while driving in the midst of rush hour traffic?

The people you thought were your friends turn out to be your arch enemies?

The people you know love to borrow, but never have anything you need when you need it?

You think you have done all you can for your children and yet they do not appreciate anything and expect more from you?

You saved that last piece of “anything” to snack on the next day and someone beat you to it?

You finally get to the front of the line to complete your purchase and the power goes out?

You run into every inconsiderate person on the planet on the one morning, you’re running late for work?

There are a lot of things most of us could hate when someone else does it. Don’t be guilty of doing the things you hate to see done by others.

I’m sure this list could go on and on so feel free to add your own–dontcha just hate it things in your comments.


Praise Him Anyway!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Peter 1:3 NIV)

In order to get a better a understanding of what Peter was saying, the entire chapter needs to be read, but this verse–should trigger thanksgiving for all who have been “born again.”

Being born again of the spirit cannot be equated with a natural birth as Jesus pointed out to Nicodemus. When Nicodemus approached Jesus for clarification, Jesus explained to him that man must be born “naturally” through the water (amniotic fluid, not water baptism) and “spiritually”.

All of us are born naturally into a state of sin due to man’s severed relationship with God in the Garden of Eden, but we all have an opportunity to be born again of the “Spirit” of Jesus Christ when we accept the work on the cross and live according to God’s Word. The opportunity for restored relationship with God has been rectified with His resurrection!

Being born again is not a “feeling”; it is an active phase of living–according to God’s purposes and plans. Too many people are caught up in the emotional aspects of “feelings” (crying, feeling shame, etc.) and not enough are lifted by His love, understanding His mercy and loving Him enough to live for Him.

If Peter could encourage those who suffered persecution by those who crucified Jesus and sought to kill them (and they did with the exception of John), how much more should these words encourage us to “praise God” anyway?

Whatever we’re going through in life–the good, the bad, and the ugly–we should be able to praise God for His mercy and love. If He had not loved us enough to die for us, where would we be right now? If we want to have the promise of eternal life fulfilled, we must be born again and live to His glory while we yet have a chance.


Father, in the name of Jesus, help us to lift our heads and our eyes and our hands in praise of You. Give us a song of praise that will see us through whatever hardships we incur, looking forward to being brought out from the depths of misery to the glorious bountiful blessings we know You have planned for us. Our hope is entirely in You and we are indeed looking forward to eternity with You. For any who have not experienced Your love and mercy, open a pathway for them to hear the Good News and to be born again of Your Spirit.