Can You Hear Him?

Can you hear Him?

Listen closely!
He speaks in a whisper,
In the roar of a storm
Or the quiet of night,
From beyond the natural,
Into the Spiritual realm—
Love flows and overwhelms
As He speaks—
Words of comfort
Words of encouragement
Words of instruction
Words that give life
Words that speak volumes,
In various translations
And languages of all nations,
To the remnant
Who will listen
And obey His voice.

Can you hear Him?
He’s speaking to
Our hearts—even now!

“My sheep know my voice and
Another they will not follow!”
“Love me with all your heart,
Soul and mind, Love your neighbor
As you love yourself.”
“You can do all things
Through Him who loves you
And is always with you!”
“Greater is He—Holy Spirit—
Who is in you than he—the adversary—
Who is in the world!”

“Did you not know?
Did you not hear?
I am not a man
That I should lie.”
“I am The Lord,
Your God; and I
Do not change my mind
Like fickle, unstable man!”

Can you hear Him?

He speaks what is already written
All we have to do is study
To show ourselves approved
Unto Him, teaching His truth
And not our own,
As we promote the Gospel,
The Good News to everyone
With an ear to hear!

Can you hear Him?

© 2014 Mary M. Hall-Rayford