Resurrection Repayment!

He came into this world

Over 2000 years ago

To seek and to save all

Who are lost, unloved, lonely.

While He was here, fulfilling predestination

He healed all who believed

And they were set free of sin

Blindness, lameness, death and disease.

We crucified Him, He died, but He

Rose again to reign in the Heavens

For all eternity and how do we repay

The debt of love He freely gave

To all who believe and accept

His enduring, yet unearned mercy and grace?

By loving, unconditionally, whoever we meet

Honoring what He has done, is doing right now

Positioned, ready to receive all that eye has not seen

Nor ear heard what He has for us,

Unabashedly, proclaiming, “Jesus Christ is Lord,”

To all who will receive and accept

Our Father’s good and perfect gift, His son.


(c) 2014 Mary M. Hall-Rayford


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