Healing Open Wounds!

Open wounds hurt

And take time to heal,

Allow Jesus to insert

His love, grace and mercy,

For which there is no appeal,

No need to apologize or regret

No need to rethink or contemplate

God from the beginning, knew our fate.

Knew when we would receive and believe,

How long it would take for us to realize

That there is only One who can take our hurts,

And heal our wounds, physically and spiritually,

Sealing them, not with stitches made by man,

But by His own hand, stitched mercy and grace

And no visible scar can be seen, by the enemy

Who thought he had us on the run, ready to laugh

And make fun of us when we slide and fall, but

Guess who gets the last laugh, now that we know

The truth and truth has set us free from all hurt

And though it may take awhile, we will heal and

Rise again to benefit all who are willing to hear

That Jesus saves and He’ll dry that tear that falls

Not from fear or hurt, but joy overflowing into

The lives of all to come to know Him through us.

Remember His open wounds and that precious flow,

Of blood and water streaming from His side

So we can abide with Him in heaven for all eternity.