Just About Now!

Surviving one of the harshest winters seen in Michigan has led me to think about a number of things. What does it all mean–the extreme weather conditions, the rise of dark deeds to daylight, the political apathy perpetuated by those who are supposed to know how to get things done, and yet–the country is in limbo because of their lack of compassion and integrity in all things. People are killing people without thinking about the consequences or impact of lives left behind–the moral fabric of this nation has been shredded and repairs seem non-existent. What should we do?

Just about now, everyone should be praying–like never before for God to have mercy on us–a rebellious nation, who refuses to obey His Word.

“If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray–turn from their wicked ways–then will I hear from heaven and heal the land” (paraphrased).

Who is called by His name? Anyone who professes to have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, calling upon God the Father, and living in obedience to His Word is called by His Name–Wonderful Counselor, Provider, Healer, children of the most High God–start praying!

We have allowed the demons to direct their deeds of darkness to rise to daylight instead of staying hidden in the shadows of guilt. Now those deeds are celebrated–in the light of day–worshipped and adored–openly rebellious against all that God has said is wrong and we wonder why our nation is in the state it is!

When people refuse to act without thinking–the negative consequences mount to staggering proportions, impacting people in phenomenal proportions and the sin spreads like an unstoppable wave–encroaching further and further into the hearts of those who once knew and appreciated God, revered Him and not man’s propensity to perpetuate unrighteousness in people who are doomed to failure in ways we have never seen before and will not live to see again, if this attitude prevails.

Just about now–we should all be able to see the writing on the wall–the demise of mankind because of rebellious spirits who are man-pleasers and not God-pleasers.

Father, in the name of Jesus, forgive us for ignoring Your Word and help us to understand the magnitude of our actions and how rebellion against Your Word impacts all nations and has consequences for future generations, our descendants who will pay for our sin. Give us a heart full of desire to please You, rather than flesh of any kind (man or woman) and steer in the right direction that will save our nation and our childrens’ futures. We thank You for hearing and answering all prayers that honor You.