What Faith Does!

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1 NIV).

Notice that this verse says-“faith is” not what faith does. Our faith does not stop bad things from happening to us–“it sustains us through the event” keeping us from being defeated by the event.

Many have asked why bad things happen to good people–or better yet–to Believers and many have attempted to explain the rationale. Actually, the reasoning is as simple as this-Satan doesn’t have to tempt those already following him; he knows who they are. His job is to discourage those who have faith in God and tempt them to believe that our faith is in vain.

How many times do we “see” the remarks that unbelievers make about our misplaced and misguided faith in a God they don’t believe in? How many times have we heard disparaging remarks about our faith from unbelievers?

Don’t get mad at the ones who are making the remarks; fight back (spiritually speaking) against the one who influences their thinking–the devil–whose job is to kill, steal, destroy, manipulate and lie. He’s doing his job, we need to do ours.

“Hold fast to your faith” which will sustain you in the depths of the valleys, in the wilderness, in the midnight hour, and when it appears that all hope is gone–hold fast to the faith you have in the One true God, the one who makes all things possible, and with Him, nothing is impossible.

Remind the devil that you have more faith than the size of a mustard seed and that you are victorious in all things. We are conquerors; not the conquered. We are the head, not the tail. By His stripes we are healed, not wallowing in sickness. No weapon–nothing the enemy says–can defeat us because the greater One resides within us.

Faith keeps us focused on Who, not the what, that happens in our lives. Faith sustains and keeps us in communication with the Father and we know that nothing we ask of Him, in Jesus’ name will be denied us.

So, when bad things happens or you get a report that is not from The Lord, keep the faith and keep saying what God says about your situation, no matter how things look. Don’t worry about the report–focus on The Word!