“Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy” (I Timothy :17 NKJV).

Command–direct with specific authority, the rich in our times, not to be so haughty and arrogant that they trust in their riches, instead of the living God–who gives us (all of us) all things to enjoy!

There are some people who think because they have money (specifically some political parties), they have a right to take a superior attitude towards or over those who do not. Money can do a number of things to enhance one’s life, but the things that God gives us all to enjoy–cannot be assessed with a dollar sign.

The beautiful blue skies on a clear sunny day–He gives.

The sun that warms the earth and our hearts after a brutally cold winter–He gives.

Majestic, snow-covered mountains–He gives.

The calming sound of brooks babbling along their journey into whatever waterway is their destiny–He gives.

The look of love and amazement in the eyes of new parents–He gives.

The wonder of all the miraculous things that happen in the universe–He gives.

Canyons shaped by ravages of time, but leave us in total amazement.

Natural springs where waters rise from the ground and fall majestically, back to be recycled and re-energized.

Beautiful flowers, honor-guard trees, that were never planted by the hands of man, but exist just for our pleasure.

Love between couples that never ends and we see it in the elderly holding hands, walking through parks or just taking a stroll.

The love of mothers with their children–ever-watchful, observant, caring and nurturing, ready to defend their children with their lives.

The simple pleasures of natural flavors that man did not create, but use in all manner of good things to eat–vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

The sunrise that creates an explosion of color and patterns that man could not have imagined.

The sunset that serves as a glorious reminder that the end of the day has come.

Many may have money which they can use to “purchase enjoyment” but we all have access to enjoy those things He has given richly whether we have a dime in our pockets or not.

For pure happiness–remind those with earned (legally or illegally) riches to not think so highly of themselves because of what they have, but remember the riches that God has given all to enjoy and praise Him for it all!