Hypocrisy–The Bitter Pill!

“But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, “Why do you test Me, you hypocrites?” (Matthew 22:18 NKJV).

What is hypocrisy? One definition of hypocrisy is “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.” (dictionary.com)

So then a hypocrite–would be “a person” who thinks they have a particular character or virtue, when they actually do not, and expect others to respect their pretense.

Wow! How many times do children see “hypocrisy” in the behavior of the adults around them? We demand certain behaviors from them, but we do not do what we want them to do or another way of saying is–“we’re talking loud and doing nothing.”

And we wonder why our society is in the shape it is in and why children have so little respect for adults. There is nothing to wonder about it. They see our true selves–when we cannot see us for looking at them.

Remember the commercial with the kid whose dad was jumping all over him about smoking weed. Finally, the kid just blurted out, “I got it from watching you” and the dad stood looking perplexed. Are we looking perplexed when our children do what they see us do when we tell them just the opposite?

The old adage–“do it because I said so,” just doesn’t work with kids today. If we want to see better kids, we must show them better modelling in our own behavior. And until we do, “we’re just hypocrites, living hypocrisy, and won’t admit it.”

But it is not just what we say to kids and don’t do that makes us hypocrites. It is criticizing others for behaviors in which we indulge ourselves.  We say, we don’t like to hear people bragging about their things, but whenever we get the chance, we brag about every new thing we do or obtain. We say, if that was me, I’d do things another way. And yet, if we were them, we’d do the same thing.

Admitting that most of the time we are hypocrites is a bitter pill to swallow. The bitterness is a reminder that we have not reached perfection “in anything” and until we do, we should not be so hard on others who are in the same boat we’re in–the luxury liner–called “Hypocrisy”.  The word “hypocrite” is mentioned 20 times in the bible–14 times in Matthew and we still do not get it. We apply the word to others, but not to ourselves because we refuse to see ourselves as hypocrites. Until we face the truth of the matter–we won’t be in a position to change anything–not in our homes, not in our churches, not in our communities and certainly not on a global level.

If the world is going to change–the change has to begin with us acknowledging just how much of a hypocrite we can be and the change must come now!


No Muscle-Bound Power!

“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6).

How many times must we be reminded that “the war against sin” will not be won by man’s strength–in numbers or physical prowess. This war–against self, others, and God–will only be won when The Spirit of The Lord reigns in the heart of every person.

For every person who has allowed Holy Spirit control over their life, others must be informed and invited to allow Him into their hearts. As we grow in numbers–promoting the Gospel and others submit to the power of Holy Spirit, we are all empowered to get the job done and the more we stand firm, rooted and grounded in our faith in God, the more we are able to stand against the enemy who hates everything God loves. The battle is not ours–it is The Lord’s–we are His instruments of praise and worship, and tellers of the Truth and models of how we should live so everyone will know–God’s truth about faith and sin.

The Spiritual Army of The Lord, must rise and shine–beckoning others into the light of love so we may all live in peace and harmony. This is how this war will be won-not by any physical strength–but by the power of Almighty God dwelling in and amongst us–empowering us to move forward without fear or trepidation of what the enemy does–we keep moving forward–promoting the love of Jesus and salvation for all!

We must believe Samuel, especially today, “He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail” (I Samuel 2:9).

Come Holy Spirit–Reign in our hearts and empower us to Rise and Move out into the world of darkness, bringing into it the Light and Truth, not by our words, but by our living The Word!