How Great Is Our God!

“O LORD, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep” (Psalm 92:5).

Sometimes, we just need to concentrate on thanking Him for being an awesome God!

How great is our God? If a list was created, the world would not be able to contain it. If everything He has done was the result of someone’s bucket list–it would not be a speck in the bottom in the bucket.

His works–are beyond mere human comprehension. His thoughts–while certainly not our thoughts–are deeper than all the seas and oceans combined. While we “think” we have comprehended, even a microcosmic perspective of the world in which we live, we have not even begun to understand His greatness or the vastness of the universe He has created.

When we think we have reached a conclusion about His Word, He opens our minds and hearts and takes us deeper–into understanding His intent–for His Word so we can rid ourselves of our own limited perspectives. That is–He can, when we reach the understanding that no matter how much we think we know–there is so much more to know.

The only living person who has ever been privileged to know all that He knows is sitting at His right hand. We are not Him, and the sooner we realize that God has not revealed “the totality” of His Word to any of us, the greater the likelihood we’ll understand we need one another.

This does not mean that God is not revealing Himself to us–He knows that if one person or even a handful had deep insight to Him–even greater chaos would reign because of pride. And so, we are humbled with the knowledge that no one–no not one human being on earth–has been given exclusive insight into His Word or His Character. What He reveals–He reveals for all to know–one measure at a time, so we can absorb what He wants us to know.

Nothing is too difficult for Him–not healing all disease and sickness, not creating wealth for all who obey, not giving wisdom to all who will ask, not preparing the way to promote the Gospel for all who will seek Him, not loving the unlovable because He is Love! Nothing to difficult for Him and because He is our awesome–we are blessed recipients of all He has to give!

How great is our God? With all we do know–we still don’t know it all, but we can imagine! Our God is so great and awesome that we’ll just have to keep on living (until the end) to know just how great He is!


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