He Strikes Again!

“Now whom you forgive anything, I also forgive. For if indeed I have forgiven anything, I have forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ, lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:10,11 NKJV).

Whenever we are unwilling to forgive–even the slightest offense, we open the door for Satan to strike again.

Not forgiving others when we need forgiveness is a tool that the enemy uses against us. But that’s not the only thing the enemy uses against us.

Holding grudges (always throwing stuff up to people) is a tool. Let it go.

Insecurity is a tool. Find your security with Jesus–who never fails.

Low self-esteem is a tool. Seek the Father to give you understanding of who you are and what you have in Him.

Depression is a tool. Don’t think on those things for which you have no control. Focus on what the Word says about you and your situation.

Self-loathing is a tool. Why hate yourself when God loves you? You are not responsible for the environment in which you were born or who your parents are. Pick yourself up and look unto Him who is the author and finisher of our faith and know you are loved!

Arrogance is a tool. Being confident is one thing–but arrogance–so full of pride that no one can tell you anything is a problem. The Word tells us that the “fool despises instruction.” You do not know know everything there is to know because there is far too much to know. Accept that!

Faithlessness is a tool. When you are unfaithful to anyone–family, friends, your job and God–certainly you cannot expect anyone to be faithful to you. Commit and dedicate yourself to family, God, and friends and see what happens in your life.

Foolishness is a tool. There are so many scriptures that deal with foolishness and the “fool” that it would take me a minute to discuss them all. But know this, “the fool despises wisdom and has said in his heart-there is no God.” The fear of the Lord (and knowledge of who He is) is the beginning of wisdom. Ask God for all the wisdom you’ll ever need and you’ll never be put into the category of the “foolish!”

What the enemy does and how he does it is not a secret. He cannot catch us unaware–when we know what The Word says about him. So, don’t get caught up in his foolishness, know him when his ugliness rises up and attempts to wreak havoc in your life. We know how he operates, so when he strikes, let’s do something about it–strike back–giving all glory to The Lord!