It’s Between You and God!

“In the same way, some think one day is more holy than another day, while others think every day is alike. You should each be fully convinced that whichever day you choose is acceptable” (Romans 14:5 NLT).

Everyone wants to be right and to tell everyone else–they are wrong–about everything Bible and religion.

The truth of the matter is–perception changes perspective–about anything and everything and our faith should be based upon our Relationship with God/not religious affiliation.

There are some who feel they should only eat vegetables–their prerogative–they should do it.

There are some who feel they can eat anything when they have asked God to bless the food–they should do it. If we ask God to bless anything and everything we do (not contrary to The Word) and have faith that He does–it’s okay.

There are some who would argue about which day is the Sabbath–let them–don’t get involved. If we choose to worship God every day (and many do), it’s between us and God! He won’t have a problem with it, but others might.

I’m taking a leap of perspective here–there are many things that people could argue about as to how Christians should do things–and we should not–argue the merits of Christianity with anyone. God will judge–not us. As long as we are not doing anything in opposition to The Word–it’s all good.

So, for those who will accept women in all roles of ministry–so be it and for those who won’t–oh well!

For those who have rigid dress policies while in the sanctuary of a building–so be it–for those who don’t–thank you for seeking God in all you do.

What we must do–in order to promote The Gospel effectively–is to seek God about everything and not argue about anything. The truth of the matter is that none of us are 100% right about anything, but we’re not 100% wrong about everything either. How we worship, when we worship, what we eat, who we allow to do what in the churches, and how we look while doing it–is between us and God–and no one should ever attempt to make someone feel like they are not worthy simply because they do not fit the mold others have created. Your relationship with God and how that manifests itself is between you and God. I would be more concerned with His thoughts than anyone who walks the earth–they have neither heaven nor hell as a eternal resting place to assign me.

Lord, help us to seek You and not people for all we do in honor of You!


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