Who People Say You Are!

“Jesus and his disciples left Galilee and went up to the villages near Caesarea Philippi. As they were walking along, he asked them, “Who do people say I am?” (Mark 8:27 NLT)

When Jesus asked this question, it was not randomly asked. He had been paying attention to the interactions between the people and His disciples and knew they had been discussing among themselves, who He was. And notice–He did not ask them “in front of the people” they were ministering to; He asked them while they were walking along by themselves–out of earshot of others.

After a bit of discussion and it was established what most thought, Jesus asked them another question, “Who do you say I am?” Granted those who did not know Him, intimately, might have various thoughts as to who He was, but surely those who walked with Him daily, ate with Him, and prayed with Him, would know this answer. The only record we have is Peter’s response, “You are the Messiah!” And Jesus warned them not to tell anyone else. In another passage of scripture, we are told that, “only the Spirit of God” could reveal His true identity.

The questions that rise in me from reading this passage are–who do people say you are and who do you say you are? Are we who people say we are and why do they say what they say?

Do they say we are someone or something that we’re not because of what they see us do? That was the reason why people thought Jesus was anyone, but who He was. Or have we reached--a place where the Spirit of God–acting in our lives–has caused some to see us for who we are-Children of the Most High God?

We can say a lot of things about who we want to be, but until we realize who we are–in Him–and others can see the evidence–do we really know who we are?

The only way we can establish ourselves as His–is by our conduct towards others, in front of others, and even when others don’t see us–we are still being His.

Now, who do people say you are? Are they right or wrong? Do you say  who you are? Or are you yet becoming? Think about it and ask God to show you and accept what He shows you and be willing to change–if He shows you–you–as you really are!