Speak Holy Spirit!

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” (John 14:26 NIV).

When I read this (probably for the 100th time) today, I was reminded of people who say they were called into ministry, but never saw the need to study before getting up before people to preach. Their philosophy was that Holy Spirit would tell them what to say. Part of what they believed was based upon this verse of scripture. They misunderstood it–but then–for those who do not read, but rely upon others to “tell them” anything, this is what happens. And this is how mis-teachings about what God has said are promoted.

The role of Holy Spirit is to “remind us” of what we’ve been told, speaking on behalf of the Father, not Himself. So, if we’ve never known or studied anything, how can we be reminded of it?

Now, Holy Spirit can “reveal” and teach us whatever He has been told to say. I love it when Holy Spirit reveals The Word–with clarification to me.  I’m not the only person He reveals things to and I would never be so presumptuous in thinking that I am. Anyone–absolutely anyone–in relationship with God can and will hear Holy Spirit speak to them, bringing understanding and insight into His Word and He will never say anything God has not already said.

This is why I feel it is such a tragedy when those–who have garnered trust and respect–about their knowledge, twist God’s Word to appease those who are only interested in appeasing their flesh. The common justification used for the promotion of homosexuality is that Jesus said nothing about “it” and those who promote the twisting and outright lie, use the segment of scripture when the woman “caught in adultery” was brought to Jesus. And before people get their bloomers tied in knots–and want to start labeling me–anything, I have said this before.  Jesus did not say anything about “specific” sins, He encompassed them all when He told the woman to “go and sin no more.” Sin is sin and there is not one greater than another.

I am not homophobic–as I have been called at other times–I have no fear of being anything I know I am not. Nor do I have any hatred towards anyone–hating takes too much time and I will  not spend my time hating anyone, for any reason. My time is far too valuable for that. But I will teach The Word and for all who are interested in learning and establishing a relationship with God–I will say what Holy Spirit puts upon my heart to say.

But getting back to the verse at-hand. We are given a clear understanding of Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. When in doubt–ask Him–hear Him when He speaks and trust that He is speaking what God is giving Him to say. In order to know that Holy Spirit is speaking, one must know what God has already said in His Word and know that God is not changing His mind nor will He oppose Himself. After all, when a king makes a proclamation and it is put in writing–even He cannot change it!

SPEAK, Holy Spirit–our hearts and minds are open to hearing what You have to say to us, this day!


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