Teaching With Authority (Part 3)

FOR THIS REASON—no one should be allowed to teach anything to unsuspecting people when they have not been qualified and proved they know what they’re talking about. It is not a sin to get education to teach God’s Word; it is not sin to study The Word with other books in-hand. It’s not sin to ask for help when one doesn’t understand—how to make distinctions in the eras and what was said, to whom and why. It is not a sin to question—this is how we learn! Of course, when we ask of God, He gives us direction, instructions, and corrects through Holy Spirit when we are willing to hear and receive.

Okay, the bottom line is this—Jesus taught with real authority because He knew exactly what He was talking about because He was acting with the authority of God! Imagine that! God gives us authority through Holy Spirit and we, too—can teach with real authority—the ability to simplify with practical analogies so everyone can understand.

So, here’s the question—especially for those in leadership positions teaching—are people amazed with your teaching with authority? If you’re just memorizing scripture to throw in at appropriate places—you have no authority. If you’re just mimicking what others have done—you have no authority. If you’re just preaching from someone else’s book or articles, you have no authority. If you have no authority and people recognize it—they are not going to be amazed with your teaching. If you have no real authority backing up everything you say, you’re not even amazed at your teaching—it’s just something you do to take up time.

If you really want to amaze people and please God at the same time—allow Holy Spirit to provide you with the authority you need in teaching The Word—giving God the glory, and not you or other people. God is not a respecter of persons and if we are truly His children, what He did for one, He’ll do for the rest of us—empower us to teach with real authority.