Dancing With The Devil! (Part 2)

We tend to wonder why—young girls become drunks or alcoholics—never understanding what led to their behavior. Someone invited the devil to the dance and he led the dance, to his tune.

We tend to judge the behavior of others without really knowing or understanding how a person got to the place where they are. We didn’t or don’t know—the circumstances under which they were encouraged to dance—the devil’s dance—and saw no way out.

It’s time we either show others how to allow Jesus to cut into the dance or encourage them to leave the dance hall. When Jesus enters into the dance, the devil has to flee, but we don’t have to follow Jesus’ lead. He allows us to choose the rhythm and beat to which we’ll dance and if we choose to follow the devil’s lead, He’ll let us.

In order to stop the music the devil has implanted in our minds, we must submit to God—totally yield our thoughts and will to Him—resist the devil’s influence by walking off the floor and then watch him run, when the beat moves into holiness—a tune he cannot stand.

So while we enjoy watching others dance to the tunes they hear, we must be careful that we don’t allow the tune the devil plays to influence us by allowing him to lead in the dance. Don’t be fooled. The devil only knows one two-step: deception and manipulation—he’ll deceive with his charisma and manipulate you into thinking he actually knows how to dance. He will convince with each turn and dip—his ability to be smooth, when every step he takes—leading you—is a lie and he’s leading you astray. He’ll persuade you to—live like you want to live—it’s your life and nobody else’s business. He’ll tell you that, “trying drugs won’t hurt you;” he’ll justify being a thief, a liar, an abuser, a sex addict, or anything else that keeps you from being blessed by God.

Are you still allowing him to lead?

Need another dance tune? “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that all who believed in Him would not perish, but have eternal life.” The devil hates that tune as much as he hates you—so don’t dance with him—give your life to The Lord and allow Him to lead you in the dance of life—positioning you to be blessed in all things!