Unfailing Love!

“Pour out your unfailing love on those who love you; give justice to those with honest hearts.” (Psalm 36:10 NLT)

There are some, who have confused God’s unfailing love with those who “love conditionally.” Those who love conditionally, are selective about their objects of “love” and withdraw the love any time the object of their affection dares to disagree with them.

This may seem a little scattered, but after an exchange of interactions this past weekend, I’m trying to sort out how some think that killing people–because of differences is justification for their doing so and they think that God condones the killing.

God’s unfailing love is never withdrawn from those whom He loves. That does not mean that He condones ungodly behavior; it simply means that He will allow us to suffer the consequences of our actions, loving us all the same.

When parents discipline their children, they do so because they love them. If they didn’t love them, they wouldn’t have rules and since there would be no rules, there would be no need to discipline.

Love–this simple four-letter word–so unlike many other four-letter words–is the key to peace and happiness for everyone–whether¬† we disagree or not.

Without love–we hate, we kill, we molest, we abuse, we misuse, we manipulate, we do inhumane things to humans and then wonder why the world is in the shape it is in.

With love–God’s unfailing love pour into us and we pour onto to others–we are considerate, we are kind, we are patience, we are compassionate, we find ways to help others, and we always “think before we do”–anything.

And the worst part of the interactive exchange is that others professed to love and know God and His Word, but yet “in their minds” were wishing death upon those who dared to defend themselves in the conflict in the Middle East. I don’t understand. How can anyone say they love God and yet wish death upon His creation–for any reason?¬† If a person truly loves God–they understand that God is not mocked in any situation and those who are guilty of ungodly behavior will receive their “just reward” from Him–not others.

His unfailing love–disciplines and rewards–justly (not fairly) because He is sovereign and consults no human being–ever–about His plans for mankind.

Pour out Your unfailing love, O God, upon all who know and understand You and how You do what You do. Create in us a heart to receive all the love You pour upon us so that love will overflow onto others who may not know or understand You. Help us to understand that love is the key to peace for all people and not just some. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!